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COMPUTER ART WITH PHOTOSHOP: (Grades 6-9) Adobe Photoshop is the leading program used by graphic designers, professional photographers, fashion designers, animators, etc. Discover how to navigate, create, and manipulate your own work through this course. This course will teach the fundamentals of Photoshop and will allow students to advance at their own pace. Please be sure to bring your own digital camera and memory card!


Interactive Computer Games: (Grades 3-5) Create and share your own interactive stories, games, music and art.
One hour teaching/One hour practice

CROCHETING 101: (Grades 7-9) Students will learn the basics of Crocheting using assorted yarns. They will learn how to read and follow the language of crocheting. Students will learn the basic crochet stitches such as chain, single crochet and double crochet. Our first project will be a scarf using the granny square.

DECORATING MAGIC: (Grades 7-9) If you find yourself glued to the many cake decorating shows on TV then this is the camp for you! Campers will learn a variety of cake decorating techniques that will transform ordinary cupcakes into pieces of art. Techniques include piping and fondant work.

DRAWING/PAINTING/SCULPTING: (Grades 1-2) Take a break from the summer heat and join us for some creative fun! Children will explore a variety of art mediums and study artists & artistic techniques. Each lesson produces a unique child-created work of art. At the end of each session students will participate in an Art show exhibiting their beautiful work. Some projects will include drawing, painting, mixed media and sculpture! Bring a smock, snack, & drink daily.

FORENSIC SCIENCE KIDS ACADEMY: (Grades 6-9) The Forensic Science Kids Academy will engage students in solving mock crimes. Activities may include dusting and lifting fingerprints, using a microscope, and setting-up a mock crime lab.

FUN WITH CUPCAKES: (Grades 4-6) Junior decorators will create cupcakes that are almost too beautiful to eat. Campers are invited to learn cake decorating techniques and preparations that they can share with their families.

INTRO TO SCULPTURE/CERAMICS: (Grades 6-9) Students will learn the history and techniques of pottery and sculpture. They will explore the various techniques involved in making clay ware, such as the pinch, coil, and slab techniques. Emphasis will be placed on design elements such as line, shape, texture and color. This class will create both functional as well as sculptural projects.

HACEF KICKLINE CAMP: This genre of dance has been the focal point of the Radio City Music Hall Shows for decades. In the Harborfields community no halftime show at varsity football games would be complete without the high stepping of the Harborfields High School Kickline. Days of these camps will be structured by HF’s Kickline Director Michelle Da Silva-Burke. The demonstration and practice of proper technique, line formations and basic choreography will be instructed. Current HF Kickline members will be volunteer assistants for this camp. We are offering two Kickline Camps: HACEF BEGINNING KICKLINE CAMP (Grades 3-5) - This camp is designed to introduce young girls to the style and technique of kickline performance;

ROBOTICS CAMP: HACEF Campers will be challenged with the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.1 building system with all‐new technologies. They will combine the use of an intelligent microcomputer brick on each robot and intuitive drag‐and‐drop -programming software installed at the OMS art/tech room computer lab. ROBOTICS CAMP grades 8-9 Activities will include: build several different programmable Robots; use the computer to program a robot to work with a variety of sensors to build robots to creatively accomplish tasks and challenges. ROBOTICS CAMP grades 4-6 will work to create simple machines with lego systems, software programs and tutorials to gain an understanding of how these functions are used in Robotics. At the conclusion they will have built a robot that can carry out several functions. Both Camp levels will engage in team competitions and games to win awards!

SCIENCE RESEARCH: (Grades 6-9) Is your science class in school not enough for you? Do you ever have questions that don’t get covered in science class? Science Research camp will offer eager young scientists a chance to expand their knowledge of their favorite fields of science. Campers will be given the chance research and report on the most current advancements made in science. They will also work on an engineering project throughout the camp.

THEATER ARTS WORKSHOPS: (Grades 3-9) Curious to learn about the world of acting? Then come join us for some fun in these joyful workshops filled with creative movement, improvisation, storytelling, songs, monologues, scenes, and non-competitive Theater Games. Students will learn through playing about all aspects of performing on the stage. Come have some fun with us this summer!"

TV NEWS CAMP: (Grades 6-9) Become a TV news reporter, camera person, and producer of your own TV show! Students in the one or two-week camp sessions will learn what it takes to put on a TV show as they assume both on and off-camera roles. At the end of the camp, students will go home with a DVD copy of their TV show. Students who enroll for one week will create a news broadcast featuring the events of the HACEF and booster camps that week, while those who enroll for two weeks will create other types TV broadcasts as well.

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